What Is The Best Investment Today...

What Is The Best Investment Today: Silver; Today’s Best Longterm Investment. To protect us from hyper inflation, experts are suggesting we balance our investments with precious metals. I posted this video, because in my research I fou…

7 Responses to “What Is The Best Investment Today”

  1. strattuner says:

    i’ve been stacking since 1969.no bull, played the cash game all along,made alot of money,but only interested in stacking kind of money,if it’s made out of paper there is alot of them,if it’s made out of a hard to find substance like gold or silver,it will always get the attention of money men,to me it’s all collateral,everything is collateral,any kind of money can be borrowed on my collateral,paper money burns, mine just gets cleaner in fire, precious metal is PRECIOUS

  2. james francis says:

    Gold is not rarer than gold.. thats a stupid statement. Facts.. there are 700 mil ounces of silver and 5 billion ounces of gold.

  3. Antonato libertino says:

    This silver has not disappeared. Nothing is created and nothing is destroyed. This silver that is talked about is in everything and it can be re-estracted. I am not making a case for gold here; I am just stating the facts.

  4. willey dok says:

    Damn this is making me want to buy some Silver!

  5. Ty Parkin says:

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ~François Voltaire

  6. dombadil says:

    I only see the banksters trafficking everything
    also price on silver and gold
    GOD to them means Gold-Oil and Drugs…
    so what ?
    there is absolute NO security whatosoever in ANY material things

  7. Uwiluz60 says:

    Great video…I hope it keeps going up, I keep buying !